California Water Restrictions – More to Come?

California’s most recent drought consumed much of the last decade (2011-2017) was declared drought-free in early 2019, but even that was short-lived. Yesterday’s announcement from California Governor Gavin Newsom comes as little surprise to anyone who’s lived, worked, or listened to California news and weather updates.  

To be clear, the April 21, 2021 announcement is specific to a regional drought emergency for the Russian River watershed in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.  But as with all things water-related, pun intended, the drought’s status is very much a fluid and ever-changing status in the State.

What it means, if I were to try to play fortune teller: unless there’s an abundance of rain in the next few weeks, the regional drought proclamation will not be limited to these two counties and more news is going to be coming sooner – not later…

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