Standpipes and the Silver State

Just to be transparent, we’ve been muddling through plans to open up shop next door in Nevada, the fabled Silver State and excellent companion to our home in the Golden State.  But after a lot of talk, several trips over state lines, we’re nearing having a pumper engine quartered in Nevada, nestled in the quiet community of Las Vegas.

From this vantage point, we’ll begin offering services with a single engine and team, and — from what we’re hearing — offering an alternative to fire protection contractors needing to rent a fire engine from the local fire department, rent equipment from somewhere else, then having to put the whole test together in a hands-on way.

Instead, by partnering with us and our team, we’ll roll up to the test site with a fire engine ready to go: the Hose Monster and gauges are already on board (along with the 1 1/8-inch and 1 3/4-inch inserts along with the full-open 2 1/2-inch connection, an ample load of hose, adapters, tools, radios and know-how.  Heck, how about arriving with a full tank of 750 gallons of water and taking that hassle out of the mix as well?

As plans stand now — and based on our next trip to town first week of April — our target is to have tires in the 702 this summer, if not sooner.  (The nuts and bolts of setting up a concept-to-staffed shop always takes longer than it does in the movies, darn it.)

Stay tuned for updates here — and if you need more direct updates, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll keep you up to date directly.

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