Going Digital for Simplicity, Accuracy

In 2017, we’re celebrating 10 years in the business of working with, and supporting, fire protection professionals throughout a number of California markets.

We’ll readily admit we’ve done a LOT of “growing up” in that time, too.  December 2007, we rolled up with a fire engine and some out-of-service fire hoses, not even sure what a standpipe was – let alone what we were doing.  Fortunately, a local contractor nudged us along, and not only did we get that test (no problem), but that experience opened new doors for us.

Since then, we modernized the fire engines we use, and with each new engine increased the specifications sought after to deliver more efficient — and safer — testing. And from there, we added — and are now continuing to improve upon — the equipment we bring with us for your use.

In 2007, we just had some old, cotton-covered icky fire hoses.  In 2012 or so, we moved over to rubber-coated (won’t mildew), and in 2014 to a regimented rotation of introducing new rubber-coated fire hoses each year.

And test equipment, yes!  Gone are the days of hoping someone on your team remembered a diffuser (like a Hose Monster) and gauge.  We bring those out, and as of July 1, we are now moving to all-digital test gauges in each of our supported market areas (the San Francisco Bay Area team, Los Angeles/Orange County team, Las Vegas metro’s team, and the crew covering Reno/Lake Tahoe).

The digital gauges eliminate the “bounce” of the needle as water flows through and slaps into the diffuer’s pitot tube (or pitot-less inlet). Digital also means the gauge can ‘remember’ and display the high (‘peak’) and low (‘valley’) PSI reading.  Heck, it even back-lights itself for nighttime readings.  (And yes, we even carry extra batteries – just in case.)

We’re thrilled to have the means to improve, offer additional equipment and value to your team and ultimately, your customers, without ongoing price increases to you.  (And given our low overhead, we’ve had just one price increase since 2010 – how many service providers can claim that?)

Next time you’re ready to bid on a 5-year job, or are working to finalize your new construction installation for occupancy fire marshal inspection, ask us for a quote.  It costs nothing, but we’re VERY confident that we’re going to bring more to the table than the other guys, and more often than not, at a more competitive price as well.


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