Name that contraption

Admittedly, virtually all of the tools and equipment on our fire engines is exactly as you’d expect: hoses, adapters, wrenches, traffic cones and other widgets purchased from fire equipment distributors.

FDC drain down deviceThen there’s this critter: much to our surprise — and those with boots on the ground — there doesn’t appear to have ever been a device that would effectively allow draining out a dry standpipe after a test rendered it anything but dry.  And for reasons of design, the clapper shuts and traps the water within the standpipe… so to drain it, you need to push the clapper inward to the water — and in doing so, invite a torrent of water being dumped onto you.

Enter the FDC drain-down device. By treading this onto the FDC at the end of the test, the threaded rod can be twisted (slowly) to apply pressure to the clapper, and allow for a controlled drain-down for the standpipe.  AND, as we enjoy dry socks as much as the next bloke, the T-connection includes a length of 1.5-inch hose to allow routing the water away from the crew, avoid wet floor hazards to pedestrian traffic, and drain down exactly where it’s desired (planted areas, gutters, etc.)

Construction complete, we now carry one of the on each of our fire engines to help drain things down at the end of the test and return the standpipe back to its dry nature.

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