Paperwork and Certificates

We’re striving to be both paperless, and as an outfit that’s not tethered to a single location or office, enable “paperwork” to reside on the web wherever feasible.

Below are the calibration certificates for the 4-inch gauges we carry as part of our Hose Monster diffuser and test kits.

Gauge Calibration Certificates

Engine Pump Test Certificates

  • Engine 2 (Bay Area Unit; historic/reserve engine not tested)
  • Engine 8 Pump Test (Bay Area Unit, 7/19)
  • Engine 10 Pump Test (Las Vegas Unit, 0/00)
  • Engine 14 Pump Test (Los Angeles/Orange Unit, 0/00 )
  • Engine 42 Pump Test (On outside assignment; 0/00)
  • Engine 55 Pump Test (On outside assignment; 6/19)

Flow Charts

Most of these flow charts are specific to both the device and orifice being used as to what a reading of, say, 40 PSI translates to in GPM as FM Approved.

All charts will open in a new browser tab or window.

  • Hose Monster – Chart for 1 1/8″, 1 3/4″ and 2 1/2″ openings
    • We still have two 2.5-inch Hose Mosnters, used on a backup basis
  • Pitotless Nozzle Grooved – 1 1/8″ insert and 1 3/4″ insert (both inserts are used with the Little Hose Monster)
    • Our default configuration is the 1 3/4″ insert with the Little Hose Monster; this can effectively take measurements as low as 200 GPM through 1,000 GPM; two 1 1/8″ inserts remain in-house and available for low gallon flows

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

We can provide you a generic COI or a Certificate Holder, at no charge upon request. This provides evidence of our current policy coverage limits and effective dates.

Additional Insurance certificates are available from our agent at our cost (starting at $250/annual term; final pricing determined by the Underwriting department based on the specific AI language requuested).  Our policy cycle is March to March for General Liability insurance and Workers Compensation insurance, and October to October for Vehicle insurance.

Contact us to request any of these to be emailed, FAXed or mailed to you.



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