Sprinklers douse restaurant fire

Union City, CA. In the midst of the early dinner crowds on Monday, January 1 about 4:30pm, a fire started inside near the water heater of Gerry’s Grill in the Union Landing Center.

Fire alarms alerted staff and patrons of the fire, whom were able to self-evacuate prior to the arrival of fire crews. Fire sprinklers were credited with slowing the spread of fire, which was doused by a compliment of three fire engine and one truck company. (Fire had spread to the wall, but did not extend inside of the walls.)  Crews also shut down the sprinklers to limit water damage from those sprinkler heads that were activated.

As a result of working smoke detectors, alarms and fire sprinklers – and the quick work of firefighters – the fire posed only minor damage to the restaurant. There were no injuries to employees, customers or fire personnel.


Original story: https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/01/02/fire-closes-union-city-restaurant/

Photo credit: Instagram/Alameda County Fire Department

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