Sprinklers Save Unoccupied Home

Sprinklers 1, Fire 0

A fine example out of Prescott Valley, Arizona, fire sprinklerof what a properly maintained fire sprinkler system can save: one unit of a multi-family housing complex experienced a kitchen fire while the unit’s occupants were away.

The small fire began on stove top, but was enough to activate the fire sprinkler protecting the kitchen area.  The sprinkler was able to douse the flames before the spread to the balance of the unit, saving the residence from further fire — as well as that of the other three families who call the complex home.

The fire sprinkler system triggered an automatic fire alarm, and the first-due firefighters arrived to discover a box on the stove had caught fire, and that the installed fire sprinklers extinguished the flames prior to their arrival. Instead of having to perform a fire attack and potential rescue and lifesaving activities, crews were instead moved directly to overhaul and salvage tasks.

There remains a misconception that in a fire, EVERY fire sprinkler activates, potentially creating a vast watery mess.  Not so.  Sprinklers are activated by heat, and only the sprinkler(s) in a fire-affected area will be triggered — in this case, the one sprinkler in the kitchen. The presence of the system, and its maintenance and testing to ensure proper functioning in a fire, protected the homes of four families.

Original story: http://www.pvtrib.com/news/2016/may/24/sprinklers-save-prescott-valley-home/

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