Viking VK457 Sprinkler Replacement Program

Viking Corporation’s VK457 sprinkler heads, a concealed ceiling-mounted – or pendent – model, have been known to activate without fire conditions being present. Reports have come in from several western states location, and have popped up on recent news reports over the past few months – including a KCRA 3 report from Roseville, CA, another in the California’s Sacramento Bee this past spring, and a 13 Investigates in Las Vegas, Nevada report from earlier this week.

Viking VK457 Concealed Pendant sprinkler head

Viking has not determined why this is occurring, and litigation is ongoing (due to water damage caused to affected properties where an activation occurred). While claims work through the courts and elsewhere, Viking has agreed to replace all VK457 sprinkler heads installed by fire protection contractors and builders to ensure the issue does not continue to concern and impact homeowners.

The original technical details for this sprinkler head can be found on Viking’s web site, here:

Image courtesy Viking Group Inc.’s web site in the PDF document cited above.

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