What to Test, Inspect and Maintain – and When

I confess this question comes up more often than several others, yet I often forget it’s not a blog post, but rather a content page on the main site — which is here: http://standpipeflowtest.com/property-owners-managers.html

As mentioned in the page, some of these items can be done by the property manager (and certainly every licensed fire protection company).  They key here, and in many places, record-keeping is key.  As a property manager, you’re now on the hook for both knowing what and how to inspect, test, or maintain components… and maintaining records that clearly demonstrate that the requisite tasks were done timely, repairs competently made, and carry the liability for having done both the inspection tasks and paperwork.

From a purely third-party perspective, we’re huge fans of the cost-benefit of shifting that work to a fire protection contractor, whose team is trained to do the work, who have a wealth of experience in doing the required paperwork, and carry hefty insurance to provide the peace of mind that (in the event of the unthinkable does occur), those teams are responsible for the quality and accuracy of their work.

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