Services We Provide

The list below reflects our main, current service areas -- and we are working to expand our service offerings in both the Reno / Lake Tahoe / Carson City and Las Vegas metro areas in 2016.


Standpipe and Hydro Testing

Testing standpipes is at the heart of what we do: we've got the muscle to get the flow test done, and your team provides the brainpower to direct the needed flow pressure and rate to ensure a "pass" of the system.

Each of our pumper engines arrive with a full compliment of 2.5-inch fire hose (and as-needed large diameter hose, if you've secured water permission to use a fire hydrant). Additionally, we carry an assortment of adapters and fittings to completely tackle connections from the engine to the FDC, and as-needed to a hydrant. And YES -- we also carry a Hose Monster™ with inserts and gauges for the "business end" of the standpipe header, if you need one to complete the job.

Stand-By Pump Services

When a mission-critical fire pump needs to be taken out of service for maintenance, or has failed, we've got the means to step in and fill the need.

Our fire pumper engines are available, and can be staffed, for 24x7 fire pump work. For larger pumps or where redundancy is essential, a second fire pumper can be provided (and additional staffing as well).

Just let us know what is the need, timeline and location, and we can provide provide an initial quote -- and as the details come into focus, a refined quote (which often is lower, once assumptions are minimized from the process).

Gear and Equipment Rental

For those times where you perhaps need just some hose, a Hose Monster™, or even those things to show up with an extra pair of hands, equipment-only rental is available. This includes:

  • 2.5-inch fire hose (both double-jacket cotton and rubber/nitrile hose)
  • Large diameter supply fire hose (with 4-inch or 4.5-inch NST threads, or 4- or 5-inch Storz couplings)
  • Adapters, fittings, hydrant and spanner wrenches
  • Hose Monsters™, reducing inserts and measurement gauges

Emergency Responses

Most locations are cross-staffed to provide 24x7 emergency response coverage, with a fire pumper engine able to be en route to your location in as little as 90 minutes.

In such events, our goal is to have the truck on-site as soon as practical -- providing sufficient time to safely arrive -- and we'll send along additional people and equipment as needed, based on the nature and duration of the event.

The exception is fire and life safety emergencies - we are NOT a substitute for local fire department services. We are not staffed, equipped or insured to respond to provide fire suppression or structure protection, or render emergency medical services.